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You liked Paper. You'll love Paper2. Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition. A smooth drawing experience! Game made by Voodoo, who developed Helix Jump, Hole. I see you that you need the money but is it really necessary to fill all your games with ads most of us just want to have fun and play I would not mind 1 ad every 10 to 15 rounds but it just gets annoying.

I was out my area for like 2 seconds once and I died I see it as almost impossible to fill up the map because the bots will just find a way to kill you somehow. And also I see a lot of companies doing what you are doing. Filling games with ads make it useless to play when you complete it and move on after to make a new game with the same thing. And yes I do think this game is fun but really stop making your games have garbage features and not even trying to make them better.

This game is simple, and addictive, and can be a fast play, or extended out if you are slow and methodical in your acquisition of territory. Recent updates have eliminated most of the bugginess of earlier versions.

One odd thing is that the iPad and iPhone versions are slightly different. On the iPhone, you size up after a kill, but on the iPad, you do not. I wish they both played the same way. One Full rating star drop: Also, like all other VooDoo games, they do not rotate when changing orientation. For me, a game that will not rotate orientation especially on the iPad is an absolutely rating killer.

For a phone, fine, whatever. Come on, Voodoo, get it together. You make some of the best simple time killer games out there even if they are all suspiciously similaradding the rotate feature is a simple easy feature that makes your games far more widely playable.

Instead when your line is cut you should be able to get back to your safe zone. This game also should have a feature that alerts you from where you territory is being taken. No one once simplistic animals and objects, Maybe do something like a castle or Zeus!

Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description You liked Paper. Dec 5, Version 1. Bug Fixes.Spotify has two versions one is the standard free version, which lets you stream any song but comes with ads and a set of restrictions that can be removed in the premium version of Spotify. This could be useful to someone who first wants to try out this fully loaded Spotify experience for more than the free trial period before making up their mind on whether to go with Spotify or Apple Music, which is another fierce Spotify rival.

The green army music streaming services offer tons of features, which makes it worth getting the premium subscription over the regular one, and the prices are also very reasonable.

The family plans make it even better. All famous artists have their albums uploaded on Spotify, and you can own a piece of that with this Spotify premium APK. However, here we are taking a look at the Spotify modded APK, which brings all the premium features for you for absolutely free of charge.

Spotify, in general, is a free music streaming service. The app allows you to listen to thousands of songs and millions of playlists for free. But as a free user, you have to bear ads and listen to music in low quality. Spotify Premium has over Million subscribers who are a fantastic feat in itself, and the second biggest music streaming service, which is Apple Music, is not even close to those numbers.

Here are the full Spotify Premium features in-depth. In here, we will explore what comes with Spotify Premium APK and how does it benefit you over the regular version of the app. One of the significant benefits that Spotify Premium APK users enjoy is the sheer amount of difference in Audio quality that comes with Spotify Premium.

The premium version allows you to listen to Extreme Audio Quality, which goes up to kbs bit rate, while the normal one that you get in the free version is just 96kbps. Spotify, as a streaming giant, also collaborates with AAA artists to create exclusive recordings dedicated to the service called Spotify Sessions.

Being a Spotify Premium member gives you access to high-quality records of these Spotify Sessions. The most highlighting feature of Spotify Mod APK is the ability to get unlimited downloads of your favorite songs.

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In this world of cheap and unlimited data plans, Offline music may not be for everyone, but it can come handy in a lot of situations where you have a poor internet connection, or you are in a remote area. Ads might be annoying for many and might sometimes also get in the way of an excellent user experience, which Spotify does have. So, to get rid of adverts, be it banner ads or skippable video ads, the premium version makes sure you have a completely ad-free experience.

paper io 2 crack apk

As you already read about unlimited downloads with the premium version and this is also another benefit from doing is that you can take those downloaded songs anywhere around the world, without re-downloading them every single time you travel somewhere else. It might sound like an unnecessary constraint, but it is what it is with Spotify.

You also get unlimited shuffle and repeats with Spotify Mod APK so you can replay any song n number of times, without any restrictions. Spotify Premium APK v8. Step 1. Step 5. This will be the modded Spotify premium app.

It will ask you for an account, enter the correct details. Step 6. Spotify has been expanding rapidly to other countries. The streaming giant recently debuted in India along with some other middle east countries. If you want to use Spotify Premium without paying the full-fledged membership fee, there are some other membership plans available, as well.

Spotify Premium for Family is also an exciting membership plan which allows you to share an account between multiple people. Each user can have their profile, and the account can be shared among six people at max.

If you get any issues during the installation process or have any queries regarding Spotify premium APK for Android, comment down below. Spotify has risen to become the arguably best music streaming service out there.

I have been personally using Spotify for a long, long time now and cannot even think of switching to any other streaming service. The best [art about using the Spotify service is the fantastic playlists.Select Skin.

Top 10 of This Week. Today Weekly Monthly All. Fast server and the slower server, not forgetting the small arena mode. Each of these servers permits different players the ability to try different modes. The FFA mode is the Standard server any players can play. The faster server can be played by players that are more advanced and have a better idea on how to play the game, and survive.

The slow server is better suited for the beginner players as the game consists of other players playing on a slower motion. Lastly there is also the small area mode which allows the players to play more competitively as there is less surface to cover and fight for.

This means players will have to be more vigiliant and aware of the other competitors. It is a mode for the more skilled gamers as you will be faced with other players How the game PaPeR. You control your cursor with these controls.

The aim of the game: You are given your open personal square cursor, you have to keep yourself away from the other cursors players otherwise you will die. The aim of the game is to take up as much of the gaming arena as possible. This is the only way you will ensure you succeed in this game and come out as the winner.

How the scores are added up: Your own personal score is based on your own personal playing time and the number of PaPeRio competitors you manage to defeat kill.

After a long time, we're back with you, we've been making improvements over the game for a long time, but the farther away a game is from the original, the less popular it is. There are 2 main servers in the game, USA and Europe whichever region you are close to, we recommend playing on those servers. Try to get yourself the most space on the playing field with the arrow keys of your keyboard. Do not get caught by other players, because they will want to block you so that you don't take up a lot of space and capture new territories.

Do not forget to save your score when the game is over, when you save your score, take your place in the list with the flag of your country. The leader board consists of 4 main groups: daily, weekly, monthly and all-time.

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For example, the score you recorded today at Discover the smooth drawing experience of Paper. Create your zone, avoid others players and colors unique 3D shapes!

I got this game around the time it first came out and I was having a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I had trouble beating the levels, but it always felt like they were possible. Once I got the update I thought that the new skins were really cool and I liked how stuff appeared in your land. I do not like some of them though, because the stuff is too big and distracting. I feel like ever since the update the other players are much more aggressive and hard to beat.

The players can still be challenging, but, right now they are so hard that it annoys me and makes me debate on wether or not I should keep the game. The last thing that bugs me is how the game is so glitchy.

Also, sometimes it glitches me out of the game when I have covered a lot of the shape and then I have to restart when I get back in.

I honestly find that this game is more glitchy with WiFi than without it. This game is really fun, but, sometimes it frustrates me. Please take some of these ideas into mind so that the game can be better.

This was an awesome creation of a game.

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I want to give credit to whoever came up with this app and who made it into what it is now. It is soo worth it. I hope this review contributed to your decision of whether or not you should get it. If you do, great, because it is worth it. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this game. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Discover the smooth drawing experience of Paper.

Apr 2, Version 1. Minor bug fixes. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Voodoo. Size Are your interested in the exciting yet extremely simple gameplay of Dancing Line or Hole. Looking for a similar title that offers quick and enjoyable funs on your mobile devices? Then you would certainly find Paper. Dive into endless in-game arcade gameplay whenever you want and have fun with friends and gamers from all over the world.

Pick up your phone and have fun with the exhilarating gameplay whenever you want. Enjoy the game even just for a couple of minutes.

paper io 2 crack apk

Take on epic in-game actions whilst battling for the first places. Build your colorful territories on the massive paper and compete with other gamers to have the biggest drawing.

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In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to dive into the awesome world of colorful characters. Feel free to draw whatever shape that you feel like to color the entire paper. Claim territories as you fill the ridiculous shapes with your own colors. And at the same time, be mindful of other contenders who also come with various colors. They would also try to claim territories on the map to stay on the top lead. Feel free to dive into epic battles of colors as you take them down, take their territories, or the other way around.

Once you connect the trail into a complete shape, you would color the white paper with your own colors. And as you hit on each other, both of you would be eliminated. So be sure to expect a fierce fight for territories and exhilarating moments whenever you play Paper. Here, you can quickly find yourself playing through the game and enjoy it awesome in-game levels.

Take on a series of epic in-game actions have fun with building your color empire. Defeat other gamers and dominate the entire map with your ultimate powers.

Color the whole board with your own color to win the matchups. And feel free to have fun with friends and gamers from all over the world. And to help you with that, the game also features intuitive touch controls with brilliant movements.TheRecent Exam Question- Speaking Prompt (16th June 2017) Exam Question:-Speaking prompt Describe a situation when a known person solved a problem sensibly. What was the problem and how he solved it. Do you thinkRecent exam questions for IELTS Speaking.

Speaking Cue Card Question Describe an important decision that you made in your life : You should say : What the decision was When did you took it What was the result of theRecent IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question- June 2017.

paper io 2 crack apk

She wanted to achieve good band score so that she could apply for immigration in her intended country,Student Background Shubha Kapoor (imaginary name) is a homemaker from the capital city, New Delhi. She had been on leave from work for a while with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada. This IELTS case study is about thisStudent Background This inspiring IELTS case study is about Anand Kishore (imaginary name), software engineer from Indore with the desire to apply for immigration to Canada, who wanted to meet the cut off score in order to get himself registeredStudent Background Pooja Shetty (imaginary name) was a student studying in her final year of graduation who wanted to pursue her dream of higher education studies outside India.

She wanted to score 7. He had a dream of immigrating to Australia with his family for which he needed to meet the minimum criterion. He had appeared in IELTS examStudent Background Balachandran (imaginary name, not disclosed for privacy) is an experienced mechanical engineer from Andhra Pradesh.

paper io 2 crack apk

He badly needed to boost up his IELTS score from 5. He desperately needed 7 BandIELTS test stands for- International English Language Testing System. There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: IELTS Academic IELTS General Training EveryoneThere is no way you can assess your own Speaking task and Writing task. IELTS is a tough exam and worrying about your Writing task and Speaking task, feeling insecure or looking for a way to estimate your score before takingWhy do you need an IELTS Diagnostic Test.

IELTS is a reasonably challenging exam, knowing where you stand can do a world of difference to your preparation. This IELTS Diagnostic Test can help you in the following ways Give youCoherence and Cohesion in Writing and speaking task have the highest weight age in IELTS exam.

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While this is probably taken lightly by the candidates and that is where they score a low band. You have to avoid the repeatedEvery candidate feels that the IELTS Reading test is tough and they have a very short amount of time to answer a large number of questions on very complicated texts.

You need to master the reading skills to get aIt is often said that getting good band score in IELTS writing exam is difficult, especially in IELTS Writing Task 2. Let us check and analyse a task response to find out what are its strengths and weaknesses, and whether itStudents intending to score high in IELTS develop several myths about it.

Many students are found having misconceptions of getting Band 7 and above in IELTS. Let us find out what these myths are: 1. The More you Write,IELTS is a unique exam in its own way where you are being rated from 0 to 9 Band scale and there is no pass or fail kind of concept here. One of our trainers has published her letter as an answer to one of the IELTS Writing task evaluation with a model answer September 16, 2017ufaber Here is one more question that appeared in the recent IELTS Writing task.

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Nowadays we IELTS Writing task evaluation with a model answer August 24, 2017K. Prabha IELTS Writing task evaluation is done for the given question that appeared in the recent IELTS Exam. Do the advantages outweigh IELTS Writing task evaluation article with model answer August 24, 2017K. Prabha IELTS Writing task evaluation is given for the following question, as appeared on the cue card is given below. The advantages provided by English as a global language What is the format of IELTS test General Training.

August 23, 2017ufaber IELTS test stands for- International English Language Testing System. There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: IELTS Academic IELTS General Training Everyone IELTS Writing task evaluation and model answer August 21, 2017K. Prabha This is one more IELTS Writing task Essay Evaluation question with a model answer attached to it. IELTS Writing task Essay writing question for IELTS Exam August 19, 2017K.

But, if certain 10 Important IELTS Reading Tips May 9, 2017ufaber Every candidate feels that the IELTS Reading test is tough and they have a very short amount of time to answer a large number of questions on very complicated texts.Ensure your product has a new feature and push that with your marketing.

If people ask your company to make changes to a product or service then compile the results and add the most requested features. This isn't just true for the tech industry either, just look at product re-launches like Fanta Zero, which was in response to bad reviews of Diet Fanta. 2

Amazon, rather handily, lists their top reviewers and many of them have listed their email addresses here. You can browse this list, find relevant reviewers and ask them to cover your product. Alternatively, find a competitor's product, look at the reviewers, and approach them to review your product. This works for lots of other e-commerce sites too. v2.2.22 (Mod Money) [Latest]

That's a wrap for now. In future posts I'll cover how to get reviews from the media and bloggers, how to use the power of your brand, and how social media can be used to get reviews. Mike Essex is Online Marketing Manager at Koozai Ltd and a contributor to Econsultancy. Follow him on Twitter. The good news is it's free and takes just seconds.

Nick StamoulisAllowing consumers to post reviews directly to your site is both good and bad. It's good because it's one less step someone has to take to right a review of your products. It's bad because you might have to sort through a lot of spammy reviews in order to find good ones that actually help your site. Consumers might also think you are only posting the positive reviews and will continue to look on 3rd party review sites. It would be good if there was software to filter the spam reviews out absolutely.

Personally I'd include the good and bad reviews, and if there were too many bad ones I'd try to use the other steps above to make sure happy customers are also vocal to add balance. A few negative reviews can help to build trust, as it seems less like review fixing. There's a balance to be found definitely.

Liz BroomfieldGood ideas here. I always ask my clients for a testimonial - I put the request in the text of the email I send out with my invoice, to make sure I ask automatically. I provide links to the first two so they can see what to do. I would not allow direct posting onto my website in case of spammers. I've not had a bad review yet (apart from "you didn't rewrite my essay", which kind of reflects more badly on the client.

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